Applying for GM

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Applying for GM

Post  darklegacyx3 on Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:36 pm

Hi Elpam Story lol!

My name is Nayler
I'm 14 years old
My IGN is Hero4Lifex3

The reason i apply for GM is that I'm very active everyday and i care about other people, when they need help
like they cant afford a certain item for their character I give them the amount of mesos they need or any item
in my inventory that i dont need or they need to ask a question I'll be glad to answer it.

I had experince in a guild becoming Master of the guild and Jr.Master.

In MapleGlobal I was considered a Jr.Master cause of my kind actions, being active and being trustworthy.

In Morphine Story (private server) I was Master of a guild I kept the guild very active mostly its 60 out of 100 that are active, I make things fun for the guild like running events and prizes to be won.

I hope you accept me in the GM team Very Happy


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