Server Restarts.

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Server Restarts.

Post  sinfulanjel on Sat Oct 10, 2009 5:35 am

I was wondering if it were possible to restart the server on a timer - like every 24 hours or so.
I'm suggesting this because there is a bug where mobs will stop spawning after a certain amount of time or kills or something, and the map will eventually no longer spawn any mobs. This occurs frequently in maps such as Henesys Hunting Grounds, the Mu Lung Practice Fields and the Skelegon maps, as these (and more) are popular leveling spots. I believe boss spawns are affected in the same way.
For low- to mid-level people, this is not much of a problem as there are many, many maps where they can level. But for the higher end people, this is a serious issue and any possible fixes should be looked at.

I believe this to be a suitable temporary solution to the problem until the bug is fixed.


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