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Bayum GM App

Post  jbenlulu on Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:34 pm

First Name: Judah
Age: 14
IGN (In Game Name): Bayum
Why should you be chosen: I think i should be chosen because even tho i have never been a gm in a private server i can still contribute a lot to this server and i can get some of my friends irl and on maplestory global to play it. Even though i have never been a gm i have been a server owner on a different game sorta like ms which hackers are not tolerated and i would ban on sight without warning. I am a friendly person and i have been playing maplestory global for about 2years on multiple accounts. I can be online about 2 or 3hours a day or more on Elpamstory and be able to host events to keep elpamstory'ers happy and entertained, still without abusing gm powers, and finally the last reason i think i should be gm is because....

Happy elpam'ing>Very Happy

timezone: EST
time i can be on: Uhm weekends whenever i wake up 7/8~however late i want but i also play global and sometimes wont be on but i'll b on often
weekdays 3:55~10pm also some of global

Happy ye

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Re: Bayum GM App

Post  Chris[Owner] on Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:17 pm

please list ur hours of when u can be on including timezone plz and ty Smile


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