A list of... things?

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A list of... things?

Post  sinfulanjel on Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:47 am

Just decided to compile a list of things on the server.


Player Commands:
@str/dex/int/luk <ap> - Raises or Lowers the stat. (e.g. @str 5, @int -5).
@goto <map> - Warps you to a desired map. (e.g. @goto fm).
Note that you can check what maps you can warp to by typing in anything random (e.g. @goto a).
@emo - Kills yourself.
@dispose - Type this if you can't talk to an NPC when you click on it.
@rebirth - Rebirths your character at level 200.
@apreset - Resets your AP for 5mil.

Custom NPCs:
KIN for Males and NimaKIN for Females - Change your Skin Color, Hairstyle, Hair Color, Eye shape, Eye Color.
Spinel and Scrooge - Warpers of the server. Scrooge > Spinel.
Duey - Job Advancer.
Nana - Skill Maxer.
Mad Bunny - FM Shop that sells All-Cure, Rocks and Boss Pieces.
Malady - FM Shop that sells nothing.
There is no All-in-One Shop.

Chris (IGN: Chris) - Owner
Mike (IGN: Mike) - Co-Owner
Alex (IGN: Wings<3) - SuperGM
Jessi (IGN: Jessi) - SuperGM
Sam (IGN: Aeza) - GM
Khang (IGN: Khang) - GM (Inactive)
Courtney (IGN: Kinky) - GM (Inactive)

Players that have Rebirthed:
Aeza - 4 times (before GM).
Bloodshed - 2 times.
Hero - 2 times.
William - 1 time.
Batman - 1 time.

Thanks to Alex for helping with updates.

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Re: A list of... things?

Post  DevilWings on Sat Nov 07, 2009 10:56 am

uhh k.
Roman left us, so remove him,
courtney is unactive,
kevin is banned and isnt gm,
mike is the new co-owner
and ur gm :]

for the hair npc
u wrote 'or' female, suppose to be 'for' female.

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Re: A list of... things?

Post  Chris[Owner] on Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:56 pm

this topic is completely null due to the fact that there was a whipe


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Re: A list of... things?

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