Suspected Hacker - Hero.

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Suspected Hacker - Hero.

Post  sinfulanjel on Sat Oct 31, 2009 9:55 am

I don't have any screenshots to prove it, but I strongly suspect the player, Hero, is a hacker. Several people have also voiced their opinions, agreeing with me.

After the Horntail Event that Chris held, Hero somehow bypassed the time you have to wait before you pick up items. He was able to pick up 90% of the items that dropped, including at least 3 Pendants and 3 Stones. (Thus leading to my outrage. If I had been thinking clearly, I would have come to this conclusion a lot sooner).
Reliable sources have told me that he holds over 20 Zakum Helms and is selling them to players.

Today, as I explored the boss maps, I found that there were no bosses up (Bigfoot, Anego, Pianus). Now this may not be a big thing. It is certainly possible for this to occur (though only a handful of players can solo Anego. I know for a fact that xkevin killed all of the Anegos this time except for 1 which I myself killed. He also killed several Big Foots).

However, I also found this:

This was on channels 2, 3 and 4. I'm assuming that it wasn't on channel 1 because Scrooge had disappeared from the FM, and you can't enter HT's Cave otherwise.
Now, I'm not saying this was the doing of Hero. There are only 2 reasons this could have happened. Either a GM (or ex-GM xkevin) killed it, or a hacker. It has been tried and tested that HT currently cannot be killed on our server without "extra" help.

This definitely needs looking into. I would even dare to suggest checking the database (I am assuming all character information is stored there, including items) to confirm the accusations. It may sound bad, but all GMs need to stalk players when they are training and find those that are breaking the rules.

Something like this must not be allowed to continue.

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