Ex-GM xkevin.

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Ex-GM xkevin.

Post  sinfulanjel on Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:45 pm

While xkevin may no longer be a GM, he still has his SuperGM class, and several abilities such as Hide, GM Roar and Eagle Eye. All of which he uses to leech players.

Now the GM Rules state that GMs are not allowed to train any legit players. I would assume that by extension, this includes using the abilities obtained as a GM to do so.
Doing so "gives players an unfair advantage over those that do not benefit from these actions", an often used phrase by many people.

I cannot fathom why his character, when demoted, was not at least stripped of all items, stats, job and skills and reimbursed with enough AP corresponding to his level and equips that a regular player would have. I personally would have deleted his character altogether to save the hassle, and to prevent him rebirthing straight away if he was level 200, but others may seem that's a bit too harsh.

In the end, the decision is not up to me, but I do hope you take my words seriously and give it some proper thought.


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