New video for ImprovedStory [ 12.29.09 ]

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New video for ImprovedStory [ 12.29.09 ]

Post  DevilWings on Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:48 am

New video is finally here!!! santa

if it doesnt work, then here.

This is exactly what it says in description, if you want me to edit it, please say so.

woot Very Happy.
improve is back up and is deserted.
and well, thats why i need you guys to play!!
i want u to play with me and expand our community.
cus without people, its no fun ]; .
this shows you how great our server is, but how much we need you guys in it!
if you join, i may start events again, depending on amount of people and our admin will work a bit harder to make it more fun for you guys to enjoy Very Happy!!
other then that, the video says it all mostly ^^.


Rates; 100/20/50
Version 75

TheHammer... & THUNDACHRIS [is the admin, aka Chris]
Wings(with heart) [sorta like co-admin, aka me, lexy/ alex]
=^__o= [courtney]
Judah [Judah]

Here is a list of what we have already:
-An amazing Admin :]
-Updates daily on forums done by me
-Friendly and fun gms
-Great community
-Events daily [if we have enough people]
-Working dojo
-NX slimes in fm [spawn every 5min]
and much more Very Happy.

So, Register today and play!
At; .
And follow what the video says Very Happy.
hope to see you guys there!
have a wonderful day ^^.

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