New Server Updates Coming

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New Server Updates Coming

Post  Roman on Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:51 pm


Rates: 75/15/5


NX Npc: Pay 35million mesos to go into a map with One NX Slime. After 2minutes you will be warped out of the map and a new person goes in. One Person at a time. Each time you enter a new NX Slime will appear for you to kill. ~This will be our NX System. This will make our server unique in many ways. People will trade and sell NX to each other which will help economy~

4th Job Skill Maxer: Maxes all 4th job skills Only!

NPC For Job Advance: First job is regular and 2nd Job will be also like Regular GMS. The Rest of the jobs will be NPC'ed

Fame Shop NPC(@fameshop) Get 20 fame and when you do that command, a store will open which contains unique items. Once you are done with your purchases, the store will close and your fame will decrease by 20 Fame. ~Must have atleast 20 Fame to open store~
Possible Fame Story Items: Ice Cream Bar: 15million Mesos, Male/Female Sauna Robe: 10million Mesos, ZHelm: 50million Mesos, Horntail Necklace: 80million Mesos, Storm Caster Gloves: 35million Mesos, Onyx Apple: 7million Mesos, Green Cheese: 7million Mesos, Rock for HT Necklace: 50million Mesos, Regular Chairs: 10million Mesos, Amoria Love Chair/Dragon Chairs: 20million Mesos. (And other Items)

Info NPC: Talk to the "Owner" NPC for full server information. (Use an actual Character NPC)

These are just SOME Updates Coming ~MORE WILL BE POSTED~


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