In v75 we will try to include!

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In v75 we will try to include!

Post  Roman on Wed Sep 23, 2009 6:31 pm

In v75 Server we will try to include the following:

Rates: 80/30/5
-Wedding + Marriage
-Working Gatchapon
-Meta Caffe Gatchaphon (contains rare items/get the gatchapon ticket from killing a boss like Headless Horseman)
-Proper Working Jump Quests
-Working PVP
-Rings+Ring Effects
-AMORIA PQ, Kerning PQ, Ludi PQ, Ludi Maze PQ & Any other PQs
-Proper Working Hired merchants
-Guild & Guild Alliance
-Proper Working Cash Shop
- Working Cygnus Knights
-Vicious Hammer
-Player commands @str/dex/int/luk/go/save and other
-AP reset Proper Price(100m-150m)
-Pay a proper amount of mesos to get in FM 18-22 which contain different Level Monsters
-Working MTS
-Proper Donor system
-Start of with 6 Channels
-Tetris System Insted of GOLD LEAFS(1 tetris = 500m)
-No Damage Cap
-Achivement System
-Boss PQ
-Special PQ = 1st stage: Get 100 Tickets from easy to kill monsters that spawn fast in a average sized map, then you talk to a NPC which takes you to the next stage.
2nd stage: Jumping Quest, jump your way to the top of the map in order to talk to a NPC which takes you to next stage.(Fitness 4th stage)
3rd stage: Kill 3 Bosses (I'm thinking Mushmom, Jombie Mush, and King Clang) each drops 1 Special ETC. item, in total 3 special items. Talk to NPC once you have all 3 and advance to next stage.
4th stage: Unique monsters spawn in a average sized map, which drop Letters (use the Christmas letters) You need to spell out a 4 Letter word (You choose the word) and once you have all 4 letter click on the NPC. Then you get your prize.
Prize = 1 Onyx Apples and 1 Cheese, 5 Million mesos, 2,000 NX Cash, and 1 random Summoning Sack
-Working v75 mounts, chairs
-Reward System = Get 20 Fame, once you have 20 fame type @fame and it opens a SPECIAL SHOP with SPECIAL ITEMS which you can buy, once you type @fame you lose 20 fame and if you close the shop you need to get 20 more fame to re-open it
-Proper Working AUTOBAN
-Working Megaphones
-Timeless Weapons which could be in the @fame shop cost of 25m-50m each
-KIN and NimaKIN in FM Ch1 on the fm 7-12 platform + any other NPC should be there
-Donator Island = Donate a special amount of money to get the Donater Position which you can go into a Special map with special things in it.(Maybe $20+)


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Re: In v75 we will try to include!

Post  [<3]Steph on Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:24 pm

How about an NPC that pops up that gives an auto event, like so:

Requirements: 25 people in an FM room. use the command (Maybe @eventplease)

Available: Once every 5 hours

Gives them: Either a Choice of JQ or T/F.

Note* For True/False; random questions should be attatched to it. If it helps, I could some up with the questions


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Post  iDukky on Sun Oct 11, 2009 1:44 pm

she cant come up with the questions or then she will always win .. Evil or Very Mad Sad


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Re: In v75 we will try to include!

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