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Java Script, C++, Coder

Post  Chris[Owner] on Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:53 pm

My name is Christopher Briner, I am 16 years old, have created custom pq's, for different private servers, and my own. My private server personally didnt succeed due to the fact of my lack of advertisement. As an Advertiser i fail as a coder, I consider myself very efficient, and helping. Also as a GM/ Admin I have much expierence, I make the game fair and set rules, also with having fun Smile, also fyi i havent even played this server, lol. But based on the fact that the last person who applied as a coder was hired (no offense, I would rate a 5 out of 10) i'd say you need help, and I personally would rate myself a 8 out of 10, that is my application and I hope to hear back from you. I will be checking up on this topic frequently.


kthxbye Very Happy


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