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Post  Vurt on Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:58 am

This is my GM Application Smile

First Name: My first name is Brandon.

Age: I am 17, 18 in 6 more days!.

IGN (In Game Name): My IGN is Vurt. I rarely go on iVurt.

Why should you be chosen: I think I should be chosen as a GM because I am very active. My play time is.
Monday-Wednesday = 1 - 2 Hours.
Thurday - Friday = 2 - 4 Hours.
Saturday - Sunday = 5 - 10 hours.
( Yes I am an uber nerd. )

I am very nice to people in game, and I help many people if they need help. I am still getting to know this server, but I know almost EVERY feature of ElpamStory. I would ban all the people that don't follow any of the rules, hackers, etc. I am very popular in the server ( I'm not sure, but I added it cause I know a lot of people in the server ). I love playing on ElpamStory because it has a very nice community and very helpful people. I make new friends on the server. I love everyone on the server! I would love to be a GM. Being a GM would be a whole lot of fun!

Thanks, and I hope I am chosen as the new GM of ElpamStory.

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