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Post  timothy98 on Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:02 am

Name; Timothy

Coding type; C++ & Java i am good at both better at Java

How good are you; I'm very good I'd give myself a 9/10. Its v75 i know its hard handling a server as i have made two types before. C++ and Java. C++ laggyer but easier to do and java is fast but more complicated. My age is 11 dont think i am not good at it i am a pro. And i am willing to help. I can play on saturdays currently as of my exams. It will end on november 2nd. then i can play 5 hours a day.

This is my info GMs if u need me urgently, u can contact me on Msn:timothyje@hotmail.com when adding me please describe who u are.
Thank you


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