Aeza's Leveling Guide (1-70).

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Aeza's Leveling Guide (1-70).

Post  sinfulanjel on Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:59 am

Hi everyone, Aeza here.

Now, everyone's been bugging me asking how I level so fast, but I honestly couldn't really tell you because I myself don't really know. Even if I could tell you, it might not apply to you because different classes have different skills and they might not work with my method.

Leveling from 1 to 70 may seem pretty simple, and really, it is. This is just how I do it. Whether you follow it or not is up to you.

Beginner. Level 1-10.
From your starting point at Henesys, go left to Henesys Hunting Ground 1 and kill a Blue Snail or Shroom. This will take you to level 5 or 6 depending on which one you kill. Max out Three Snails and use it to quickly kill monsters until level 10 (or 8, if you're planning on being a Magician/Blaze Wizard).
Warp to the Free Market and talk to the Job Changer (Duey) to choose your job. After, talk to the Skill Maxer (Nana) to get all your skills.

First Job. 10-30.
Double Click the icon above your head and accept the First Training quest for your job.
  • Warriors and Thieves go to Perion and take the portal to Perion Street Corner. Here, drop down to the bottom of the map and start killing Stumps with Three Snails (this will kill them in 1 hit).
  • Bowmen go to Ellinia and take the portal to The Field Up North of Ellinia and start killing Slimes. You will have to take 2 hits to kill them using Three Snails.
  • Pirates go to Nautilus Harbor using Spinel and take the portal to On the Way to the Harbor. Here you will find 1 Pig, but it will respawn (almost) instantly after you kill it. Str Pirates can use Somersault Kick to kill them in 1 hit. Dex Pirates should stick to using Three Snails to kill them in 2 hits.
  • Magicians, unfortunately, can't do their job quest and will simply have to train on monsters. I suggest following the Bowmen and killing Slimes outside Ellinia. Magic Claw will kill them in 1 hit. Do this until roughly level 18. Hopefully by now you'll have enough money to buy a wand or staff, which you should do immediately. Go to the Free Market and talk to Scrooge and go to the Monster Map Line 1 <Area 1> where you find Bubbling. You should be able to 1 hit these with Magic Claw.

In all cases, you will want to collect all money and items that drop so that you will have enough to buy a weapon for your class (you will need at least 3000 mesos for a level 10 weapon).
After handing in your quests to your respective job leaders, you should be anywhere between 20-23. Go to the weapon shop for your job and buy a weapon so you can start using your job skills. By doing your quests, you will now also have 30+ red and blue potions. I would suggest going to the Grocer to buy more blue potions because for some classes you may not have enough MP to use your skills until you level (Magicians may want to buy red or orange potions).
From now, what I normally do is go to Sleepywood and at Ant Tunnel 1, kill Horny and Zombie Mushrooms (mainly Horny Mushrooms because they are easier to kill) all the way to level 30.
At 30, go to the Free Market and talk to Duey once more to advance to your Second Job.

Second Job. 30-70.
If you continued to collect money and items, by now you should have enough to buy a level 25-30 weapon (at most cost 45000 mesos), and armor with left over money. If you still have money after that, I would suggest buying more potions because things can get a little painful from now on.
Go to Sleepywood and walk all the way to Ant Tunnel 3 and get the quest to kill 99 Horny Mushrooms there. Continue walking to Ant Tunnel 4 and get the quest to kill 99 Zombie Mushrooms. You can choose to complete these quests anywhere, but I find going to the Mini-Dungeon in Ant Tunnel 2 the best place to do both.
Once both are completed, go to the Free Market to talk to Scrooge and go to the Monster Map Ant Tunnel Park. Drop down to the bottom of the map and take the portal to Cave of Evil Eye 1 and accept the quest to kill 99 Evil Eye. Start making your way down to the bottom killing all the Evil Eye. ~Important: You must loot the Evil Eye Tail that drop. You will need 40 of these for later.~ When you reach the bottom of the map, take the portal to Cave of Evil Eye 2 and repeat the process, killing and looting on the way down. By the time you reach the bottom you should have completed the quest.
Now go back to Sleepywood and take the portal below The Rememberer. Jump down and take the portal to Hunting Ground in the Deep Forest 1. Climb up to the top and on the right hand side you will find a ladder which you will climb to get to Hunting Ground in the Deep Forest 2. Take the quest here to kill 99 Curse Eye and complete the quest on this map. Like you did for the Evil Eye, collect the Curse Eye Tails that drop. You will need 50 of these later.
Once the quest is complete, go back to Sleepywood and talk to The Rememberer to hand in all your quests. Now, go to the right and enter the door to the right of the Gachapon (the last house before going to the Ant Tunnels). This will take you to Sleepy Dungeon 1. Drop down to the bottom of the map and climb down the ladder at the bottom to go to Sleepy Dungeon 2. Do the same again to get to Sleepy Dungeon 3. Here you will find Cold Eyes. Kill them and loot 50 of Cold Eye Tails.
Now, go to Nautilus Harbor (via Spinel) and enter the submarine. Go to your right and enter the portal that takes you to the Upper Corridor, and then left to the Restaurant. Talk to the NPC and accept the quest Strange Dish 1. You should have the 40 Evil Eye Tails already if you followed my guide. Hand it in and do the same for Strange Dish 2 and 3. Once this is done, you should be around level 54.
Go to Mu Lung and take the portal at the far right to Mu Lung Temple. Here, talk to No Gong and accept the quest No Gong's Teachings 1. Go further right to Mu Lung: Practice Field: Beginner. Here, kill 10 Straw Target Dummies to complete the quest. Beware of the Master Dummy, which you can't kill. You may wish to go to the next map, Mu Lung: Practice Field: Easy Level if you wish to avoid it. Head back to No Gong once complete and hand in the quest. Repeat this process from No Gong's Teachings 2 and 3. This will take you to about level 60.
Talk to No Gong once more and get the quests No Gong's Test and Making Body & Physics Medicine. Talk to Do Gong and get the quests The Lost Document and Making Mind & Heart Medicine. Go left to Mu Lung and then further left and enter the last house before the exit of the town. Talk to Tae Sang and get the quests Eliminating the Spirit Monkeys and Making Master Medicine. Exit this house and go left once more to the exit of the town.
This will take you to The Entrance of Sky Forest. Walk until you reach the map Snake Area and climb the rope in front of you. Press Up at the group of rocks on this platform to get to Wild Bear Area 1. Here, kill Grizzlies and collect the Bear Feet that drop. You will need 12 of these. Once you've killed 100, go left until Territory of Wandering Bear. Here you will need to kill 100 Pandas.
When the quest is complete, head back to Snake Area and head left to Where the Sky Forest Ends. Kill Red and Blue Flower Serpents and collect 16 Snake Leather. Keep going left to Peach Farm 1. Here you will need to kill 50 Peach Monkies and also collect 10 Broken Deer Horns from the Reindeers. Enter the cave at the top right of the map to get to Foggy Forest where you need to collect 10 of The Book Ghost's Sheet of Paper from The Book Ghosts.
Once that is all done, go to Herb Town and go to the right and take the portal next to the boat to get to the 10-Year-Old Herb Garden. Keep going right to get to the 50-year-Old Herb Garden and collect 10 Ginseng-Boiled Water from the Ginseng Jars. Go right once more to the 100-Year-Old Herb Garden and collect 10 100-Year-Old Bellflowers from Sr. Bellflower Roots.
With all your quests complete, go to Mu Lung and go left to Tae Sang's house. Hand in your quests and get the quests Making Body & Physics Medicine 2 and Making Mind & Heart Medicine 2. Exit the house and go to Mu Lung Temple and hand in all your quests to No Gong and Do Gong. This will take you to 70 (or higher).
Go to the Free Market and talk to Duey to advance to your third job.

Well, that's all for now. I may add my training guide for 70+ later, but you must understand that it will mostly apply to Hermits, Night Lords and Night Walkers.
Once again, I must stress that this is simply my way of leveling. It may not be the fastest way, but it is the method I've used for ALL my characters, and I currently have 10 70+ characters on this server. If you feel this guide is not for you, then by all means do things your own way. I am definitely not saying mine is the best way. But please, don't flame me just because you don't think it's a good method.

Feel free to share any ideas that you think will improve my way of leveling.

Aeza. <16x Night Lord, 1 rebirth.>

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