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Post  Sohum on Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:49 am

First Name: Sohum
Age: 15
IGN (In Game Name): TheAvenger
Why should you be chosen:
I'm a very easy going guy. I've played Maplestory since Beta so im VERY familiar with the game. Im nice, reliable, and i don't give in to begging for items. ;D
I also know so basic coding like HTML, XML, and Java.
I'm not very good at those, but if i become a gm, I will know what to learn. Very Happy. I'm also very familiar with hackers, it drives me crazy when I go to a quiet spot to train and there they are, hacking away. I know practically ALL of their hiding hacking places. Through the years I've played, even in real MS, I've found a couple of places that GM's don't bother checking.
I'm somewhat experienced, I've been a GM in 2 different private servers, namely Morphinestory, and I just quit being a GM in FableMS. I'm also really nice, I don't get mad very often, I am courteous, and I like to help people out!! I am very active.. Also, I can advertise for your site, but personally, I don't think you should do that because look at all the private servers that got shut down because of that.
I'm available everyday.
Mon-Fri: from 2pm to 7pm and from 8pm to 10pm
Sat- Sun: More random but pretty solid for 2pm to 8pm
I'm very mature (I just got my permit!!!!), and I am kind of a grammar freak.

So finally, I would like to tell you that I'll be a great man for the job and that I hope you pick me.


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