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[app] Newbie coder

Post  Dark1lives on Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:19 pm

Yes, im a newbie coder. but im learning fast and would like to possibly see what others can offer as far as teaching. i know how to code maps, npcs, monsters and items at the moment, and im learning pretty much anything else there is to know. i have an odinteh server that i can access using localhost (having trouble making it public) so i can test anything on that if need be. also i would really enjoy being a gm. i have the gm handbook and know a few gm commands by heart.
overall im just looking for a chance to learn, maybe not become a coder, or a gm right away. but maybe an apprentice, or student for now? i can guarantee that if taught i will learn.
Thanks for looking and i hope to hear back


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